Objectives is to alleviate poverty and empower women economy both in urban and rural areas. This is done by forming women info self Help Group, training them in capacity building and skills development, and helping them build sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

  1. To identify people below poverty-line and to create an awareness among them with regard to their socio-economic conditions and support them for their sustainable development.

  2. To Empower women by motivation and training them for self-employment and income generation activities providing productive resources through credit and subsidy which may ensure their sustainable livelihood and development.

  3. To ensure health and sanitation of people especially in Chennai slums by conducting health awareness campaigns and medical camps.

  4. To contribute towards global concerns of global warming and environmental degradation by creating awareness among people and train them in solid waste management.

  5. To give free education for the disadvantaged children and youth and by giving them scholarships and endowments.

  6. To Resettle and Rehabilitate the homeless people in collaboration with Corporation of Chennai.

  7. To encourage and support the marginal farmers through implementing schemes that offer them credits and subsidy.

  8. To promote and increase quality and quantity in agricultural production through Research and development and Land Fertilization.

  9. To promote herbal medication and naturopathic treatment which are cheaper, effective for long-standing health complaints and available without a prescription.

  10. To establish and maintain homes for the differently abled people to capacitate them with competent skills and to give them the care and protection that they need .

  11. To protect women from significant harms and domestic violence and to identify the victims and support them towards their livelihood in collaboration with Social Defense Ministry.

  12. To control spread of AIDS and STDs by creating awareness and identify the affected and rehabilitate them.

  13. To ensure protection of children from trafficking and all forms of exploitation through institutional, non-institutional and outreach programs.

  14. To prevent alcoholism and drug-abuse through awareness creation and support the addicts through rehabilitation centers.


The 4M Trust was founded by
Mr. B.S. Abdur Rahman in the year April 2005 exclusively to identify women below poverty line and to improve their living conditions by motivating them in various ways.

Managing Trustee

  • Mr. Abdul Qadir Abdul Rahman Buhari is the Trustee of the organization. He has achieved great milestones at a very young age and now the Managing Director of West Asia Maritime Ltd (WAM). Mr. Abdul Qadir has spent extensive time towards the welfare of the organization since its inception.


4M Trust
Buhari Building
First Floor, No:4 Moores Road
Phone: 044-42261100

Contact Person :-
Mr. Periyathambi.,Manager.
Email id: periathambi@4mtrust.org