Welfare & Healthcare

Welfare & Relief Services

    We provide a number of welfare and emergency relief services to the poor community.

  • Providing financial assistance to poor for petty shops and sewing machines.
  • Providing needy equipment to the disable persons.

Health care Services

  • Arrange workshops on local and indigenous medical systems such as Siddha, which provide inexpensive home remedies.
  • Conducting Eye Camp, Blood donation camp, AIDS Awareness campaign & Reproductive Child Health.
  • Regularly providing counseling for mentally ill patients.
  • Nutrition demonstration
  • Creating awareness on communicable diseases like Malaria, Chicken Gunya, Dengue etc.


The 4M Trust was founded by
Mr. B.S. Abdur Rahman in the year April 2005 exclusively to identify women below poverty line and to improve their living conditions by motivating them in various ways.

Managing Trustee

  • Mr. Abdul Qadir Abdul Rahman Buhari is the Trustee of the organization. He has achieved great milestones at a very young age and now the Managing Director of West Asia Maritime Ltd (WAM). Mr. Abdul Qadir has spent extensive time towards the welfare of the organization since its inception.


4M Trust
Buhari Building
First Floor, No:4 Moores Road
Phone: 044-42261100

Contact Person :-
Mr. Periyathambi.,Manager.
Email id: periathambi@4mtrust.org